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  1. I absolutely can not figure this out. I do not use a router, I am plugged directly into the internet. I was just using this software the other day to stream, and it was successful as I accessed it from a different computer half-way across town. Now suddenly, the connection tests fail every time. When I try to seek help through the software, it takes me to a page about routers but again, I'm not using a router. The firewall is allowing the Broadwave program through as well as the port in which I am using to stream. I have also tried to stream on a few different ports with no success. In just on
  2. The thing is we have tried this every way possible it seems like. We have tried all of the different streaming formats offered with Broadwave; the one for WMP, iTunes (using with iTunes of course), realplayer. We even tried just the source URL then tried it as a XML playlist in all the different ways I just mentioned on a flash player, embedded WMP, iTunes, and the computer's WMP. All I can think of is that there is something on his computer (other than the firewall) that is blocking the stream of is unable to access the stream. We have tried all these different ways in both Internet Explorer
  3. My friend's computer doesn't bring up any kind of box to save it, it just gives error messages that it can't connect.
  4. I have purchased Broadwave and have been using it for a few months now. I have been able to successfully listen to many different stream formats; asx, mp3, etc. from many different computers in different locations around the county (both laptops and desktops using different kinds of OS). My friend on the other hand just recently purchased a new laptop running windows 7 (if that's at all relavent). He is unable to connect using any of the URLs. I asked him to connect to a local radio station's website because they use the same method of streaming as I (mp3 file played by a flash player in a web
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