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  1. reaction took some time, been away for holiday... In one way, good to know that we're not the only ones, means I'm probably not that stupid . In the other way, means there is probably no easy fix, I'm now going to search for a earlier version to download and install until there is an new version with the bugfix. I was using 2.11.
  2. Thanks for the reactions, my dialplan looks like: I've even put, for testing, the 'default dial on line' to the external sip provider, with still getting '404's. Or am I doing something terribly wrong? hope so
  3. Hi gadget 1024, thanks for looking in to it. Just to confirm the sip provider settings are correct, first I've tested these settings in Express Talk directly, after that i´ve put this connection settings in Axon, and connected the Express talk directly with axon (with the correct extension number, password etc.). the SIP gateway is set in the dialplan, see above, even tested it by setting it as the 'Default Dial On Line'.
  4. Hi Guys, Hope you can help, have read all topics and manual, but getting nowhere (outside my network ;-D, that is). Config: - Axon on Windows Server 2003 - Express talk on same Windows Server 2003 (for testing purposes) Tested and works: Using same sip provider settings directly in express talk on server and network computers Internal calls PROBLEM: While dialing an external number, with the starting numbers as defined in the Outbound Dialing Plan, it does not go to the outside sip provider. Steps taken: Outbound dial plan: If number starts with Remove digits Prepend Dial on line 0031 4 0 12connect Using an connected Express talk (line 106) on same computer Axon logs shows: 17:08:02 Call 106 -> sip:0031643757984@dcserver001.diningcity.local 17:08:03 Error returned: 404 Not Found 17:08:03 Call 106 -> sip:0031643757984@dcserver001.diningcity.local disconnected I've tried several other settings, but ik keeps saying number@dcserver001.diningcity.local where dcserver001 is the server in the internal network diningcity. Hope anybody has an answer, or at least an direction to point me in, because now I am at an dead end... THANKS!
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