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  1. In December I started doing research to buy a new computer. I have been using MSRS with a Peavey6 usb mixer. I am a court reporter and need to place 3 or 4 microphones, as well as a voice microphone for me to speak in and hear separately from the other mics. I accomplished this by making all the live mics go to the left track and my mic go to the right track panned over as far as they could go. Worked great. I discovered that all the software and hardware that I was using was Win7 compatible -- so it was stated. When I downloaded MSRS and hooked up the Peavey 6 usb, it would only record the left track. There was absolutely no sound coming from the right track at all. I reported this to nch. They asked a bunch of questions -- most of which I'd already tried. And then they told me that the Peavey 6 usb was not compatible with Win7. WRONG!! The Peavey works fine with Win7. Then I bought and tried the M-Audio Fast Track Ultra which actually does record separate tracks. I was able to get this one to work on my old XP computer, but that computer did not support the usb 2.0, so I couldn't use it on that computer. But when I hooked up the M-Audio Fast Track Ultra to the new computer, I was able to get all the tracks on the computer. I WAS NOT ONLY ABLE TO GET THE TWO MAIN TRACKS ON THE MSRS SOFTWARE. I have now been told that the drivers for the M-Audio Fast Track Ultra (ASIO)do not work with MSRS. That's curious, because the sound card that is suggested by nch to use with MSRS from Alto Edge is an M-Audio product and uses ASIO drivers. So it appears that MSRS does not work on Win 7. I have been unable to get satisfactory responses from my several emails over the last week to help with this problem. Does anyone else have a suggestion as to how to fix this problem or how to get MSRS to respond to the problem. Sharon
  2. I have renamed the default location to a location on my C drive. I did this for the recordings, the backup and the logs. When I open the newly renamed files for recording, for example, my recordings are all there. When I open the newly renamed file for the backups, my files are all there. when I open the folder for the logs, I have nothing. Why??? When is a log created and saved? There is no notation on the black margin words (white words on black background at the left side of the screen) that a log was created like there is for the backup notation. Why am I not getting a log file? When I am in record mode, if I keep recording and pull up the play screen, the duration column shows 73:.:.. I am assuming that this means that there are 73 hours available on the system. That's fine, but when I go to find the read back place, the scroll moves the recording too fast. If I stop the recording and then go to the play screen, the time of the recording shows in the duration column, and the scroll is scrolling only that time, so it's much easier to find the place in the recording in order to read back the record. But then there is no record of the read back... So...is there another way to read back? When the system backs up, it only saves one file. Is there a way to automatically back up both tracks? We don't seem to be able to hear both tracks in Express Scribe. What do we need to do to hear both tracks in Express Scribe? Thanks! Sharon
  3. Hello! I am using the MSRS in the 30-day trial period to see if it makes sense to purchase the software and use it in my verbatim reporting business. The program looks great, but I have some key questions: 1. I am not getting the log file. I changed the log file to a local file, as I did with the recordings and the backup. I have files in the recordings and backup files, but no logs???> 2. How do you suggest we read back. I have tried to keep recording and bring up the play screen and find the timing on the recording, but the recording time is so long (73 hours or something) that when I go to move the scroll bar at the bottom, any movement makes the recording go back and forth in hours, not seconds. Can you read back and still record? 3. I am still playing around with the record files to determine which setting allows Auto scribe to hear and replay both the stereo files for transcription. Do you have any suggestions? Is the DCT setting the only one that will allow me to hear both lines of recording and allow me to flip back and forth between them while transcribing? Please let me know! Sharon
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