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  1. In December I started doing research to buy a new computer. I have been using MSRS with a Peavey6 usb mixer. I am a court reporter and need to place 3 or 4 microphones, as well as a voice microphone for me to speak in and hear separately from the other mics. I accomplished this by making all the live mics go to the left track and my mic go to the right track panned over as far as they could go. Worked great. I discovered that all the software and hardware that I was using was Win7 compatible -- so it was stated. When I downloaded MSRS and hooked up the Peavey 6 usb, it would onl
  2. I have renamed the default location to a location on my C drive. I did this for the recordings, the backup and the logs. When I open the newly renamed files for recording, for example, my recordings are all there. When I open the newly renamed file for the backups, my files are all there. when I open the folder for the logs, I have nothing. Why??? When is a log created and saved? There is no notation on the black margin words (white words on black background at the left side of the screen) that a log was created like there is for the backup notation. Why am I not getting a log file?
  3. Hello! I am using the MSRS in the 30-day trial period to see if it makes sense to purchase the software and use it in my verbatim reporting business. The program looks great, but I have some key questions: 1. I am not getting the log file. I changed the log file to a local file, as I did with the recordings and the backup. I have files in the recordings and backup files, but no logs???> 2. How do you suggest we read back. I have tried to keep recording and bring up the play screen and find the timing on the recording, but the recording time is so long (73 hour
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