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  1. Also, I can't open some module folders.. It say 'Can only open regular files' what does this mean?
  2. Hiya, I believe I already posted a forum about a week ago but still haven't gotten any answers so .. Im gonna try again. Question one: can Database files be locked?... and if so, how does on unlock it. If no then that leads me to the second question: How do I delete a file in the database when it says access denied?
  3. Hello again everyone, Still new at this obviously because I just ran into another question that I can't figure out :/ So, I have to start my test site from scratch because unfortunately when I was playing with my CSS I went into some tmp.php files that apparently I shouldn't have touched. Now that I'm starting over I need to delete all the files from my database and then upload my core files onto that database once again, which I get... but for some reason I can't delete any of the folders from the database only the loose files. If anyone knows why or how to do this then please help me out then thanks in advance
  4. Hiya, I recently switched over from CuteFTP to Classic FTP and I'm pretty happy about it (layouts prettier) Anyhow, one thing I noticed different in an unpleasant way is that every time I refresh Classic FTP it shoves a bunch of unwanted files into my core drupal folder. I'm new at this stuff and am trying to keep everything organized. I'm pretty sure I shouldn't have random files (which is most likely being downloaded from my server) dropped into my core file/local server?... and I'm pretty sure it has to be a settings issue, right? Hope I wasn't to brief in the explanation... thanks in advance to anyone who can help
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