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  1. Also, I can't open some module folders.. It say 'Can only open regular files' what does this mean?
  2. Hiya, I believe I already posted a forum about a week ago but still haven't gotten any answers so .. Im gonna try again. Question one: can Database files be locked?... and if so, how does on unlock it. If no then that leads me to the second question: How do I delete a file in the database when it says access denied?
  3. Hello again everyone, Still new at this obviously because I just ran into another question that I can't figure out :/ So, I have to start my test site from scratch because unfortunately when I was playing with my CSS I went into some tmp.php files that apparently I shouldn't have touched. Now that I'm starting over I need to delete all the files from my database and then upload my core files onto that database once again, which I get... but for some reason I can't delete any of the folders from the database only the loose files. If anyone knows why or how to do this then please help me ou
  4. Hiya, I recently switched over from CuteFTP to Classic FTP and I'm pretty happy about it (layouts prettier) Anyhow, one thing I noticed different in an unpleasant way is that every time I refresh Classic FTP it shoves a bunch of unwanted files into my core drupal folder. I'm new at this stuff and am trying to keep everything organized. I'm pretty sure I shouldn't have random files (which is most likely being downloaded from my server) dropped into my core file/local server?... and I'm pretty sure it has to be a settings issue, right? Hope I wasn't to brief in the explanation... thanks in a
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