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  1. So over the past two months, when I open Express Scribe, my audio files are gone.   This has happened twice now.   They are marked as Untitled.  There is nothing there any more.   I went to Options and set it to keep the audio files indefinitely so that I can delete them myself when I am finished transcribing them.  I tried going to Recover Old File and there is nothing there.  Help, please!  I don't understand why this keeps happening and I do not want to have keep re-uploading my audio files when they are supposed to be in Express Scribe.  Thank you. 

  2. Thank you very much for your reply. I tried it again today and it still doesn't let me use my foot pedal. I'm not sure how to get my anti-virus program to ignore it. I have Verizon Fios Security Suite.




    I just got this message back from my school:


    The program itself is safe but for some reason that particular file has been tagged by some Anti-Virus programs that find the file to be malicious software. If you have the ability to have your anti-virus ignore this file, that is your best option.

  3. YES I am having this same problem and I can't use my Infinity foot pedal at all. It started yesterday, just like your problem did. I did the same thing, uninstalled and reinstalled, same program, too Windows XP. I hope someone can help us with this. It's interfering with my work.





    When I try to use the foot pedal setup wizard (I am using the VEC Infinity option) my virus program keeps warning me about a virus and blocking it. It was working fine all along and then just yesterday when I looked at my computer, there was a warning of a malicious code in piehid.dll which is part of Express Scribe. I uninstalled and reinstalled the program but keep getting it. Anybody else have this problem. I am using Windows XP. Thanks.
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