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  1. Tried upnp, STUN, static IP. Messed up STUN servers. "If you want to reset all the information in this tab back to its default values, click the "Restore Default Network Settings" button." There is no button. Someone at netgear mumbled to use static IP. I found the address and typed it in. Please help!
  2. Router: NetGear WGR614 v6 It has wireless, but I am plugged in. Please help.
  3. "How do I know what type of NAT I have?" Download the following application made by the folks at Free World Dialup: http://downloads.fwdnet.net/netcheck.exe It should correctly determine your NAT type - although take the other information it gives with a grain of salt (it is not always accurate). This is out of date. Can I get the update? Then, I am on some standard router with roommates (like millions others, right?). What are the settings for various standard routers? What are the settings for various accounts (Betamax, Sipgate)?
  4. I tried to register the sipgate account to no avail. There is some symmetric NAT or router problem. How do I correct this? It is a roomate's router, and I am sure it is a common brand-name device. Then, will someone please post specific settings for accounts at Sipgate.com and VoipDiscount.
  5. Thanks Python, I will have to try that out. Don't the providers sometimes use different server addresses for in/out calling? It seems intuitive that one would just list the desired in/out registration information on one form (line?). Anyway, I guess it won't hurt to register "both sides of both accounts" in case one later purchases more services from the providers.
  6. Come on folks, it should be an easy question. There are many visitors browsing the forum, but very little interaction. If the basic functions are not provided, maybe some kind users could leave suggestions for other softphone clients on their way out the door. How does 3cx compare?
  7. Can I register my sipgate.com account for incomming and my VoipDiscount account for outgoing calls in the free version of Express Talk?
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