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  1. Hello All, I have installed and am slowly getting to know the Axon Virtual PBX system. Once obvious omission seems to be a shared telephone directory. Is there such a thing in this solution or is that a plug-in / add-on? I would like registered phones to have access to the extensions list? Thanks for your help. bmak
  2. Hello. I was wondering if anyone had used the Axon PBX system with an Aastra 480i IP phone. We are tying the trial version of Axon PBX (2.04) and have successfully set-up an X-Lite softphone with this system, but are unsuccessful at getting an Aastra 480i to register. The phone has been configured with a static IP and I have used the settings in the "Setup Instructions for Extention 101" section of the Axon installation. No matter what I try the phone just sit's with the "No Service" message and Axon does not feature any messages from it in the Axon Virtual PBX Plus monitor win
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