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  1. Does Express Invoice Plus offer the capabilities for me to input a cost of goods and have multiple prices for one product? Kind of like an "A" "B" "C" price. I not only do retail, but I have dealers that purchase goods from me as well. Currently I am just issuing a Discount to my dealer base, but I would like to have a dealer pricing setup on each item with having to issue a discount on every invoice.
  2. Currently I am still using my free trial of EI. I would like it to have a paypal feature for credit cards. Something similar to Microsoft Accounting but not as complicated. In order for me to process credit cards in EI, I take the total amount of the Invoice and make it a line item in PayPal Invoicing with the description as my Invoice number. I like everything about EI except that it doesn't support credit cards. I will definitely buy the software if the features were added even if the price increased for these options. Hopefully EI will catch up in the race as I really like the simplicity of
  3. This feature is going to be Awesome. Does anyone know the status on when this will be available?
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