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  1. oldie

    Ring Tone

    Is it possible to change the Axon ring tone on an outgoing call from a long ring tone to a ring ring tone (.2 secs on .1 sec off .2 secs on 2 secs off). I edited the ringing wav file in Axon Program Data but this did nothing. Thanks.
  2. Bump Anyone successfully using Axon with DynDNS name as in my original post ?
  3. I am using Axon, Express Talk, and Uplink. If I put my DynDNS host name in Public IP address in Advanced Option (Network Tab) of Express talk and Uplink both work OK. However if I do the same with Axon my internet connection crashes and I have to power down my modem (NB1300) and power up to get it going again. If I put my dynamic address in Public IP address in Advanced Option (Network Tab) then Axon works OK. Anyone know why my DynDNS host name causes this problem.
  4. When I installed Uplink I clicked on "Continue anyway" to install the drivers. After installation when I check Control Panel - Sounds and Audio Devices - Hardware - Uplink I get:- Device Status : The drivers for this device are not installed. (Error 28) I have tried to uninstall and install again and get the same result. Anyone help.
  5. oldie

    Axon silent calls

    OS is XP Pro. Firewall is Jetico Personal Firewall Yes - both on same. Edit - Tried turning off firewall - still get silent calls.
  6. oldie

    Axon silent calls

    I am using Axon PBX with 1 extension using Xlite 3.0, XtenMate, USB Telbox and a cordless phone. I have 3 providers Sipme, Koala, and Astratel and use Axon dial plans to select provider. (Dial 1 for Sipme, etc) Sipme and Koala work OK but with Astratel I get silent calls. However if I disconnect Xlite as an extension on Axon and log Xlite in to Astratel it works OK. Can anyone help me with silent call problem.
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