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  1. I have a problem and it wont let me start my own thread so sorry for this but i gotta post it here as it seems like the most relevant thread. I am using a Dazzle DVC100 DVD Recorder. I bought it with the intention of capturing my Xbox 360 gameplay to my pc where it would be saved as a video file where i can edit etc. Ok so the way i am working it is i have the drivers installed for the hardware. Then i downloaded "Amcap". I set the Video Capture Filter to SECAM_B then loaded "Debut" So the preview is in colour and everything seems to be fine. I click record and it seems to be fine for around 20-30 seconds before it starts to pause and skip almost every second. Here is a video of a recording i made. As you will also notice it won't record sound, but i've heard thats because only the original pinnacle software will capture the sound with a dazzle recorder but im not sure. My Video Recording- Problems I noticed at times the frame rate was really low, sometimes at 5 FPS. Processor is- IntelĀ® PentiumĀ® 4 3.00GHz 2.99GHz -That's what it says i'm not really fluent in computer language lol Also it records for about 2-3 minutes before telling me there was an error and i should check my encoding settings or something similar to that. Any help is appreciated
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