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    Thanks Jimmy, You da MAN! (of course, you could be a woman masquerading as a man as we're all basically anonymous here but wtf? I'll go out on a limb and say 'you da MAN' until further notice) Hey just looked at sites in Aus and they're $229 over here!!! What's the exchange rate in american $? Might have to order and get shipped from amazon or somethin...
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    I record one track (guitar) Then I sing on another track, and the 2nd track is always just a fraction behind the guitar. I have physically moved the first track just a touch to the right before saving, but I realise that if I were to record - say - 20 tracks, this method of getting around latency would be a complete nightmare. Life shouldnt be this shitful. Can anyone help? Should I just ask for my money back and delete this? What do ya think?
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