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  1. The problem with giving anyone a copy of the file is that the file is originally a DRM protected file with the DRM removed and parts removed. It is an audio book that was originally 4 parts which I removed leadin and out audio then joined with Wavepad. It is 26 hours long and 521 MB in size. I can play through the file with iTunes or Windows media player, but have the issue with the sliced file. I have run it on both of my primary systems which should be more tham capable of handling being that 1 is a dual 1.7Ghz P4 Xeon with 1.5 G memory and the other is a dual dual core 3.6 Ghz Xeon with 2
  2. I agree it is fantastic, but have found the same issue as was noted here with 1 small additional issue: I had a very large audio file, 30+ hours, I requested it to be sliced into 10 minutes slices. When it was done and loaded into itunes to load on my shuffle I saw most were 10 minutes in length, but some were 9:xx and as small as 5:xx minutes. I have started listening to the files and there have been gaps in the sliced audio which would indicate the times were correct. Is there any fix for this, or did I do something wrong?
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