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  1. I found a work around - sort of. I left them reversed & loaded about 200 songs on my player. Searching is a little goofy and it shows the album name when playing a song, since it thinks that is the song name. And for some unknown reason Genra didn't carry over to my player even though most of the songs have one listed. But I would still like to find a fix....
  2. I have about 2300 .wav files on my hard drive. They have been ripped from my CD collection (a few of my favorite songs from each CD) using Windows Media Player. I would then put about 20 songs on a CD to make my own Favorite/Greatest Hits compilations. All that worked just fine. Now, however I would like to convert them to .mp3's to put all of them on a portable player. I purchased the full version of Switch which did a good job of converting them but it didn't carry over the tag information that Windows Media Player downloaded from the online database. I have the .wav files organiz
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