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  1. Hi all, I have connected a Audiocodes MP-114/FXO Gateway to the AXON Virtual PBX and I success to setup a external line for my MP-114/FXO to make out-going call form IP Phone(regristed to AXON) to PSTN. But when I try to call form the PSTN to the AXON, the AXON log show as below: ======================================================= 00:03:32 Register attempt for proxy sip:audiocodes@ failed 00:03:32 405 Method Not Allowed ======================================================= IP - is my MP-114/FXO's IP address, and I have checked my MP-114/FXO, it show that the gateway already regristed to AXON, so I don't know why the AXON send out 405 message, it make the call fail. Is anyone can help me to make sure what is the problem? Thank you very much! Regards, TK-HK
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