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  1. For the actual streaming of video, you might want to consider BroadCam. Prism just converts video files to different formats
  2. you basically lose quality enlarging any file that isn't a vector image sadly.. so be careful whenever you reduce a files dimensions if you're going to save over the original
  3. Good sleuthing indeed! This has been suggested before and I'm 99% sure implemented in the current test build, so keep an eye out for it next release.
  4. 1.52 for Mac was released on 2009-01-14 2.01 for PC was released on 2009-03-02
  5. Hi, Which bitrate did you shift it to, and does the same audio quality degradation happen when you convert these .avi's to the other file formats Prism can export as? A lot of the default sound settings are set low, but it could be an audio decoder problem.. Also try going into Options -> Conversions and ticking the box down the bottom that has "use FFMPEG first" beside it.
  6. Beat me to it.. I know when I run VideoPad on smaller monitors, some of the windows get shrunk or disappear. I'm not sure if there is a simple solution unless floating windows were somehow involved.
  7. I think the only way to achieve this at the moment would be to create a still image in a program such as MSPaint, with the title on it, then insert that image at the start of the video and have it crossfade into the beginning of the first clip. This is kind of similar to the other thread on creating credits, seems like quite a high demand feature..
  8. I'll submit that as a future suggestion as it would be a very popular feature if it hasn't already been considered
  9. A better microphone and preamp is a good place to start. Essentially if the initial recording is of a certain quality, it will never really get any better. You can run a million noise reduction FX but bottom line is hardware. That being said, Dynamic Compression and the right Equalising can do wonders. The problem with compressing a bad original signal though is, all that white noise in the background will actually be increased in volume! hence why it's important to capture a nice clean signal originally. You might want to try googling equalizing, its a bit of an art and highly depe
  10. Videopad currently has no paid version, so you would already have access to it's full features. I just loaded some .vob's into it successfully. the .bup files may have been causing some confusion (I'd never heard of them before, had to do a bit of googling) If you still have the DVD, i'd recommend ripping it with Prism then loading the file into Videopad for the chopping.
  11. most formats have a lossless or high quality option, the safest bet for compatability (and if you have the harddrive space) is WAV. there should be a screen where you can select 24bit, 96000 after clicking File -> Save As, and making sure Wave is selected.
  12. Quiet you. Hi Nashville! If you go to 'File' and 'Save As' there should be a dropdown menu at the bottom of the save dialog that lets you select the file format you wish to save as
  13. Try Video Pad! once you get the hang out it, splitting a video and saving each segment becomes quite easy.
  14. now that is useful! I'm rather insistant on VideoPad being able to estimate video size as a future feature.. so we'll see.
  15. The help file appears to be quite comprehensive to me! although I've spent a lot of hours working my way around VideoPad. Is your problem with making the actual project, or is it rendering corrupted files?
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