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  1. alright, well now its working fine. I did nothing different, basically let it go for 2days and now its working. maybe it needed to get setup or something, aside all that, u guys are awesome. thanks for the help nchaj. now i have a bit more understanding on smtp's n such.. thanks alot and ill be back if any other problems should arrise. for now this program rocks. haha Raul Forced Innovations
  2. I tried it all and still no success. I'm not all into this program n smtp's so u know, lol. But, I have comcast for internet provider and also have comcast email as-well. i input the smtp.comcast.net on the smpt mail host, put in my user name and password, left "use secure connection" unchecked (even clicked on it to check it), "if server is down, attempt to send directly" checked, and typed in my default reply email as my hotmail email address to where I want the replies to go to. even did the comcast email as reply, and yet get the same message as stated on the first question. I dont kno
  3. I cant seem to figure out how to either email my invoices, quotes and other things thru this program. It keeps saying that its unable to connect to server..... I am new to this program and dont know how to set the settings if needed or how to get it to work. Any help would be appreciated as I have tried looking throughout the forums here and even went out on google trying to find answers and nothing yet. Thanks, Raul Forced Innovations
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