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  1. Thank you for your quick reply. I thought that it was drivers as indicated in the instruction book, but then it hit me that I could partially solve the problem by going to an old backup and installing old downloaded version 4.11 . The registration key worked for that, but not for version 5.03 that came on my CD that I purchased. My voice modem also worked perfectly with version 4.11 but not with the newer version found on the CD you sent to me. I'm very cautious here because I remember reading at the time I purchased all these programs that other people had similar experiences with th
  2. As I noted on the IVM forum yesterday (with the same topic title as above), I've had registration problems with re-registering the IVM program sent to me on disk that I purchased (ver. 5), but I solved that problem by going back to a downloaded version of IVM 4.11 -- the registration key worked for that older downloaded version Now I'm having a similar problem with WavePad. During the IVM installation of ver 4.11, I marked to install WordPad. It installed, but won't take my old key starting with 286 and license starting with ckm. Just as with the IVM, I don't think I should be paying for Wo
  3. I purchased IVM 5.03 a few years ago and used it successfully on this Windows XP computer (SP3). I had to rebuild the XP system. I then reinstalled the IVM program from the original CD and, then when attempting to register the program using the registration information (name, location & key), the program responded that this data was not valid for the current version of IVM. I was then sent to pay to upgrade to a more recent version. My name is Joal Fischer and location is Charlotte NC 28203. My license number ends in *038 and the registration key begins with 286... I don't believe I
  4. I have two problems that may or may be related so I'm describing them together. PROBLEMS: Here are the two problems: 1) Failure to detect "brief" DTMF tones: The program fails at times to detect DTMF tones when the outgoing message is speaking. If the caller is calling from a phone where pressing the button for a longer time (maybe a second) extends the DTMF in time, that solves the problem. From certain brands of cellphones (such as LG) where pressing the button for a longer time does not extend the length of the tone, or from a desktop phone when I briefly "punch" the button,
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