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  1. Having upgraded to Win7 x64, my original copy of Express Burn would not load and alerted me to download a free fix. After doing so, it now does not recognize my original license. As well, attempting to burn a DVD with a 1.1GB TIFF file was aborted during the validation cycle, and unreadable at subsequent tries with several different, clean DVDs. Since it will not accept my original license is it possible the problem is caused because this version won't work properly unless I acquire a full license? I'm reluctant to pay for this upgrade unless there is an assurance it will work with Wi
  2. I'm very interested in buying this program and have taken the time to convert and test a reasonably long video clip (25 minutes) from a DVD to all the formats provided in the free downloaded Prism version. I am pleased with the ease this program does the conversion from a DVD to the various formats (I tested them all). However, there is one format, mpg, that displays red coloured blanks at a rate of about two per second thoughout the entire mpg formatted video clip exept for the beginning and two of the short clips that were on the DVD. This only occurs when viewed in Adobe Premier CS4 and
  3. Yesterday I tried the latest Express Burn version by copying a 25 minute DVD and found the verification process took more than 2 hours. Whereas the burn time was well within the expected timeframe. I have registered older version, which performs this task without problems. Any suggestions on how to remedy this problem? Cheers, Michael
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