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  1. I am trying to install this on a Windows 8.1 system. Almost as soon as I click on the executable file I get the message "Windows cannot find c:/ users / vortex / appdata / local / temp / N1 s / n c h set up. exe" Sorry to ask what seems to be such a basic question, but I'm stuck. (Vortex is myt PC's name.) Any suggestions? I'm new to 8.1. Martin
  2. I've searched the forum for help with this, and found nothing. If I have an Ampersand character (&) in the Artist or Title field, the ripped information is corrupted for that track and needs manually editing. I'm using v1.55 SUBSEQUENT EDIT: 145 people have viewed this in 24 hours. Am I the only user experience this problem, or does nobody know how to overcome it? If the artist or title contains a &, then i only see the last few characters after rippingt. Any comments will be helpful please. Best wishes, Martin http://www.martinhwatson.co.uk/puzzle_news.ht
  3. I'm using version 1.55 free basic of Express Rip. When I insert a CD I get the message "No entry found on freedb online database for this CD. Try using musicbrainz". I clear the message and the track listing always appears. I have authorised ZoneAlarm to have the access Express Rip requires. How do I avoid getting the error message every time? Best wishes, Martin http://www.martinhwatson.co.uk/puzzle_news.html Martin H. Watson
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