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  1. It turned out that I had a copy of the version 1 SW on another of my computers and so I was able to go back to that version, unfortuantely I had to give up the recursive feature of version 2, but it's an imperfect world. From how long this request has been on this forum and the absence of any company replies, I take it that the feature of note was not deemed important enough to keep in the later version... A pity. Is there a way for me to send you version 1 from this forum (seeing as how the web site no longer has it posted), or will one or the other of us have to publically reveal their
  2. Thanks for the offer! I have been able to get a copy of the previous version that works for multiple files, so if you need it let me know... I was really hoping that one of the company personel would reply and tell me where on the latest version that feature was squirreled away... It was such a handy feature, I am disappointed that it was lost... Thanks again!
  3. I just upgraded my previous version of Stamp to 2.04. I love the way whole directory trees can now be selected, MAJOR improvement, thanks! However, It seems as though one of the most useful features has been removed. That feature was the "Set Title to File Name" capablity that was a menu choice available by right clicking on files that had been selected. In its place appears to be the reverse (i.e., "Set file name as title"). Please tell me that the former feature has not been removed and that it has just been moved somewhere where I seem to be unable to find it, that was the MAI
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