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  1. OK I found the black bar at the side of the track, clicked on it, then went back to the point in the track I wanted to mute, and clicked in a Fade Point, then drew creative threads around the part, and it worked == but I can't seem to load the file into WavedPad now. Gord Lindsay
  2. I'm sorry but I can't figure this out. First time using Mixpad, I've got a music track to which I have now laid down two separate, parallel vocal tracks. How do I select the best segments from each track for the final mix? I can't cut and paste because every time I highlight the segment I want, Mixpad highlights the same segment in all three tracks. Can I mute certain sections of each take so that when I play them all back together, Mixpad will pick and choose only those pre-selected segments? If this is obvious, I apologize. I'm just not seeing it, I guess. Thanks for any help, Gord Lindsay
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