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  1. You are going to have to download Switch and Flip4mac programs. You can get both of these through the Express scribe website and as far as I know are free. After you have downloaded these programs on your computer, you will have to manually convert the WMA files into mp3 format or whatever so that they can be played on Express Scribe. I'm having a different problem though. I got all of my WMA files to work, but for some reason my foot pedal is not being recognized with Express Scribe. It is from ES, but an older pedal. Let me know if you have the same issues. Hope that helps
  2. I just installed the new 4.26 version of Express scribe on my mac and my foot pedal will not work. I know my computer recognizes my foot pedal; however, there are no options on Express Scribe to set up my foot pedal. The only thing the foot pedal does is after I have pressed play with my keyboard or mouse on ES, I can press the foot pedal and it will rewind the dictations. It is definitely not a problem with my foot pedal, as I can use it on other computers, but this seems to be a problem with Express Scribe not communicating properly with the foot pedal. Does anyone else have this pr
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