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  1. I tried the fix I mentioned in my last post, so that I would be able to hear the music as I was recording it. It didn't work. I did the thing of making sure that the volume controls were set right in my computer. They are now set right but I hear nothing when I record from the keyboard. Any ideas?
  2. - What kind of keyboard are you using: Casio CTK-2000 - What type of connector are you using to connect to PC?: I was trying to use USB to USB. - Are you able to use that PC input, to record from say a mic?: I have not been able to try recording with a mic or anything else because I don’t own anything else that I could try it with. I have since been able to record from my keyboard by using the “line out” on the keyboard to the “mic in” plug on the computer. When I do that however, I can’t hear what I am recording as I record it. I’ve tried plugging earphones into the headphone plug
  3. I'm trying to record music from the keyboard (electronic organ) that I purchased. When I connect it to my computer, it is recognized. Yet I can't seem to get the sound recorded in either recordpad or wavepad. Am I missing a setting I need to change? I am concerned that maybe it can't be done. I see that other posts asking about recording from a USB device never get a reply. Why wouldn't anyone reply if it could be done?
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