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  1. Hey Guys, Just wondering i have more than 1 business and i want to know if i can run them through express seperately? If i can could someone explain how to do it? Thanks
  2. Can Someone Help Me.....???? when i try to send an invoice to my e-mail account it wont go, keeps telling host not accessible check e-mail setting i have done all this and still no joy.. can someone pleae tell me what i am doing wrong as i am about to put my foot through the computer !!!!!!!!
  3. i have the same problem as you!!! it is very frustrating as i have have thousands recurring. seriously considering switching to sage but i really like NCH and would rather not have to use a different package. maybe the mods here could pass it on to the developer and see what can be done. thanks
  4. Hi just wondering can someone tell me how to setup recouring invoices...totally new to this system. i have invoices that go monthly and yearly. also how do i make a payment on an accounts as when i do they still appear in the invoice list. if someone can help i would be grateful. thanks guys
  5. hey and thanks for replying, only this morning did i think of that and it worked. thank you very much for your reply and also i sent 1 invoice and it went straight to the clients e-mail address but i cant find it in recorded invoices..is ther anywhere else it could be saved? if you can help me i would be most grateful...once again thanks
  6. hi and i hope someone can help me! i am using the express invoice system for the first time today, and i am trying to send them all to my accounts department e-mail address, the problem is it keeps sending the invoices in the form of the first 1 i send. ie: if i send the first 1 addressed to carricks cars it goes fine but when i send the 2nd one addressed to ray hall car sales it sends carricks cars invoice a second time it seems to default back to the first invoice i send. can someone help me as i find the express invoice system very good and would like to keep using it. i know thi
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