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  1. SouthenGuy, put down what ever you read that on, and promptly wipe your ass with it. The way in which to achieve what you are doing is to buy some conversion software.. like NCH switch or wotEVA Peace.
  2. *knods* Friend, the nature of a forum is it records every word you have said, and you sir, look like an utter moron if ones to search back and collage your posts. Above all, you haven’t put forward one piece of logical evidence for the claims laid against you, just babbled about sh!t (and you don’t even seem aware of it) God help you, if English is your first language. Keep digging that dark dank little hole of yours
  3. TerrorBite

    w98 issues

    Also decoding ogg files to listen music does not work.. I have a few mates who still use legacy 98 machines " will ever be worked on?" TB
  4. Any way to make the Genre & Category lists editable? I would like the capability to add my own, this would be rather kick as55 TB
  5. I'm not quiet sure of Stamps function or value add over using Right Click - Properties. One of the most oft tasks i can think of, is telling the application to pull info (in a smart fashion) from the file name, and add to the tag (pulling title info and adding to ID tag title section, for instance) THis wousd make the app a lot better 2 use
  6. The Load CD dialog just shows 'CD-ROM 1' etc. etc. It should show drive names instead. One for your programmers to look into TB
  7. Hi, I thought the bookmark feature was the answer, by bookmarks don't"stick" ie, if i remove a region from the start, it skews all the bookmarks. How about this... set bookmarks, then select an option which CUTS UP each region, and auto saves to a separate file, ready to drop into Audio-CD with "0 gap track pause" This could effectively enable people to add "cue points" to large tracks they want to burn to CD.. ie. play an hour long lecture in a car, and be able to "next track, last track" their way through the large file. THANKS!
  8. Clever? lol - you douche. An IP's an IP. Anyone on this forum can use Google, and see how spesh you are. The fact you fools sound the same, and come from the the same IP and back pat each other is a little more then coincidence! HAHAH and to watch you backpedal is the best. I have sent this thread to all my work colleagues and mates - so good EPIC FAIL bish
  9. If a video converts to a file without sound, i wouldn't class it as having "converted" successfully at all. Its like a "successfully" toasting the bread until its pure carbon. Regardless though, i think you have a point about WP telling you it would specifically work... and it didn't (even if you were importing a video file) You should certainly try and get a refund from these guyz as thats a BUG. I saw your other thread, just send em the video so they can sort it out at their end i reckon.
  10. Seems you lucked out yo. Its really not that difficult to read up on a website before laying down your credit card details. Theres way these NCH chaps are going to switch a license for you. At the top of the MAIN page for the app [http://www.nch.com.au/wavepad/index.html] it proudly claims, "NCH WAVEPAD SOUND EDITOR" I vote you get out of the computer game now, and boot up your abacus
  11. Lol Varney, your a mug of warm FAIL. Its a special type of moron who realizes the error of his ways, and after abusing someone else, doesn't have the nads to apologize. love your work, got a news letter i could subscribe to?
  12. ^^ What the funk are you smoking and where do you find the time to type out these largely meaningless monologues? The title of the this thread denotes "XM / Sirus" as the broadcasting source. OP - I would suggest contacting them, and engineering an answer from them, you'll then know what the best setting would be to use. ... of course, you coulda just captured the stream in varrying quality settings, and answered your own Q in 20mins... man why would you waste my time like that?
  13. Hey Kavman, Sounds like Golden Records might be what ur after. the screenshots of the wizard show the automatic click and pop reduction. probably easier than using wavepad
  14. Hey Lisa, By tunnel, im guessing you mean reverb or echo. You cant really remove it as its of such audible complexity. You could maybe make it less apparent depending on what you recorded. If you recorded a voice for instance, you could use the equalizer to remove frequeneces not in normal human speech (less then 200hz etc) and then boost the freqs in speech (1khz) If you really want to learn, its not going to be on this forum. You need to really search the WWW for hardcore audio forums, if you want the real information. "what is normalizing" brings up 2.5 million hits for instance.
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