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  1. There is nothing like advice from a Toothless Terrorist. Is it the lack of teeth (or is it perhaps some mental disability?) which limits your vocabulary to four letter words? In any case, it looks like you have found your element here; the "soft" part is evident gooroo
  2. Great--Mite (phonetic spelling)! Unfortunately, you don't know how to read, or think straight, or reason. To see a fool, just look in the mirror gooroo
  3. Gotcha!! You are wrong (once again!) when you say to gooroo: "You have been warned. I'm surprised that you are back". Apparently you do not understand how these NCH forums work, so let me explain it to you. By definition, a "user" of one of these forums is identified (what else?) by a user ID. Hence it is clear that gooroo never left this forum. So how can he possibly be "back"? What has happened here, of course, is that gooroo replaced musikone in this forum (the law of Unintended Consequences) after you booted him out of here last September. This a circumstance of your own making, so its
  4. ---------- Gotcha!! I can stay? Even though I am not "back"? That's a good one. Apparently you did not read what I said, and just jumped to conclusions. So let me repeat; listen carefully. I have been reading the posts in both WavePad and Switch for a long, long time without registering. Perhaps you are not aware that this is possible. During that time, I have acquired a lot of knowledge about Musikone and NCH. One has only to able to read in order to put together what happened, both with your company and with the general atmosphere of these forums. So you think that I am someon
  5. Be careful there, mite (phonetic spelling!). I'm hopping mad You are calling me silly? You, who thinks that he can converse with the dead and long departed? But let me remind you, musik-too. This forum is not a place for the discussion of music, as much as you would like to demonstrate your musical superiority. No, it is full of mites who are itching (pardon the expression) to get help finding out how to make this (and also in other forums) NCH software perform in the manner that is advertised. So why don't you redirect your efforts where they are needed, instead of making fun
  6. Musik-too, I think that there is something that you ought to know. You are trying to strike up a conversation with a corpse! musikone was banned from participating in at least two NCH forums (WavePad and Switch) sometime late in the fall of 2008, for sharply criticizing NCH's lack of technical support and the way that it administers its user forums, like this one. It was well known at the time that musikone had an excellent knowledge of audio principles, engineering, and associated software operation. He was able to answer complex technical questions with ease, and helped many users, consisten
  7. First, since you can edit a flac file with WavePad and I cannot, I assume that this is because I have the older version 3.04 (which does not handle flac files correctly) and that you are using the upgraded version, which has at least partially corrected the completely flac-faulty earlier version. I could be wrong, of course. One thing is virtually certain, however; an answer cannot be obtained directly by those (the software developers--the high priests within this caste system, as it were) who are the only ones that really know what is going on flac, but do not want to take any flac :-). Thes
  8. -------------------------------------------------- Rob, Here I am, back in a flash after trying to load one of my .flac files into WavePad. I did not succeed. There was a quick flash in the window and it returned to its blank stare, without making any attempt to load a file using the well-known progress bar. Therefore, what I conclude from this futile exercise (I tried several times with different .flac files) is that something is wrong with the WavePad program in its loading of such files. I have the latest version of DirectX installed in my computer, and I cannot see any reason why I ca
  9. I assume that you mean a horizontal zoom, which decreases or increase the portion (i.e., the time length) of the waveform that is shown in the window. After the file is loaded in, at the bottom of the window you will see a couple of little magnifying glass icons, one containing a minus sign, the other containing a plus sign. Guess what? When you click on the plus sign, you will zoom in on the display; when you click on the minus sign, you will zoom out on the display. Amazing! :-) On second thought--this is not all that amazing, since this information is contained in the help file
  10. ------------------------------------------- Simply convert your MP3 files to .wav files (Switch will do this easily) and then burn these .wav files to an audio CD. Make sure, of course, that the total size of the .wav files that you want to cram on this CD does not exceed its capacity. Any burning software will do this most routine of burning tasks. gooroo
  11. So gooroo hijacked your question? This is certainly an interesting perspective, spoken by the one who is trying to hijact this forum by requesting a special favor (the time of a busy forum administrator) to give the poster something which the NCH rules of forum participation specifically discourage. If such a special favor were given to you, then the forum administration would certainly have to give this same type of help to everyone else who might ask for it. As I have noted, it is for this very clear reason that user's are requested to get their help from other member's of the using comm
  12. ---------------------------------------------------------- I'm surprised too--but not to be "back"! With all due respect, I haven't the slightest idea what you are talking about! Warned? When, and by whom, and about what? In order that we can continue this conversation in a sensible and relevant manner, please cite the specific post or posts in which I have been "warned," along with their dates, so that I can look them up to discover what this is all about. Surely you must be mistaking me for someone else! But first for those cited warning references...... Thank you and looking fo
  13. ----------------------------------------------- My advice to you would be to read what NCH has to say about your asking for help in this forum: "This is the Discussion Forum for the WavePad Sound Editor software. If you do not wish to purchase technical support, please feel free to ask the WavePad community for help. If your problem is not covered by the Topics on this Forum, please start your own topic and post your question. If you can answer any other users posts please do so. Our technical support team will, on a best efforts basis, review posts and answer questions. However, this
  14. ---------- Dear Mad: You may well be right! Almost certainly you have a hardware problem. It is probably some sort of grounding problem, which gives even experienced audio engineers fits. There is no practical way that your problem can be diagnosed (and solved) by long distance communication. Unless there is something very obviously wrong with your hardware and/or system grounding, about the only way that you can get this problem solved is to find someone nearby who is knowledgeable in this area. If you do, and if this "someone" is not a friend, this may end up costing you Big Bucks.
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