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  1. The audio will not playback from my ATI capture card, it gets the video though. I have recorded a video and tried to play it back in my media player and there is no sound. I have set up the audio preferences correctly, I told it the right audio card, and the right input and it is not muted, I also checked the "Capture Audio" box. I know my drivers work, I get audio playback from the same device on other programs. What else could be wrong?
  2. I have the same problem. I have a ATI TV Wonder PRO PCI Capture Card. I have an Audigy 4 sound card. The sound doesn't work, It does in other programs similar to this, can someone tell us what's wrong with this program. I tried tech support question submission, but you have pay. That's where they get you. Free software, paid support. And the software kind of sucks so that's how they do it...
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