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  1. send me your full email address and i'll get it to you
  2. I was sent this link to the "fixed" version. http://www.nchsoftware.com/beta/ivmsetup.exe . I have not tried it. GOOD LUCK!!!
  3. Please provide a direct link as I can not find anything following these vague directions. Under the help tab in IVM there is no Technical Support link
  4. basssix

    Call Counter

    I have the as much as I can being logged. I don't know anything about writing plug-ins. What I want to be able to do is to daily reset the call number in: "09:56:13 Answered line [4 "CAHTA 3"] call number [2816] cid [] did[CAHTA 3] drn[0 (0ms)]"
  5. basssix

    Call Counter

    I am looking to reset the count of incoming calls to IVM. I don't see an options tab or such and there is nothing under settings that I see.
  6. basssix

    Call Counter

    Is there a way to reset the call counter so I can easily check the number of calls in one day?
  7. Your email doesn't want to let the attachment through. Do you have another address?
  8. I just got IVM v4.08 from a friend and installed it on the machine I have been trying to get v4.11 working on for several weeks. IT WORKS. NCH needs to take a serious look at v4.11 and see what the problem is. If any one would like a copy of 4.08 let me know and I will send it.
  9. Does any one have this board working (properly) with IVM 4.11?
  10. basssix

    IVM and CAHTA

    What version did you try?
  11. basssix


    Any word on a solution?
  12. I'm begining to think there is a real software problem here. Duffy
  13. basssix

    IVM and CAHTA

    I am having almost exactly the same problem. I have 16 lines and only line 1 will actually pick up. I have the same boards (2) Did the previous version of the software work? Can I get an older version and try it? This is a real problem. Duffy
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