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  1. I have been using version 3.05 since Nov 2007.... it's solid as a ROCK !! Used it with XP Home and Professional, both SP2 & SP3....No Problems Mon !! Glad to know it works ok with Windows 7, as I'm about to use another system. Regards (Cayman Islands)
  2. baddoesden

    Saving a file

    Hi Mr. Burns, Please advise how you solved your problem with WavPad. Thanks much in advance. Baddoesden
  3. Hi, I can not find audio after recording and saving it to a folder or any where using WavePad for Mac. Any proven methods for Mac G4 PPC OS X 10.5 and higher ? Would appreciate any help, thanks much in advance.
  4. baddoesden

    Wavepad for Mac

    Does Wavepad for Mac 3.12 perform better with Tiger or Leopard? output selection is available, but not with input. Any known solutions ? I using a Yamaha USB mixer with Wavepad 3.05 for Windows ( XP ) and it allows me to select the built-in Input/Output or the Yamaha USB Input/Output. Thanks in advance for your help.
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