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  1. Hi nchaj I figured out part of the problem but not the solution. I made the movie on "Kodak Easy Share" and it is from 10 clips spliced together. The problem is when it hits the first spice at 12 seconds, it stops and won't conver the rest of the movie. Any suggestion for fixing this? Tina
  2. HI I looked at the topics and the movie I'm trying to convert I made myself so it isn't copywrited. I didn't see any other topic that would help at all on the AVI having an error and only playing sound. Any other ides, let me know. Thanks. Tina
  3. I just installed the free version for Prism Video converter and when I tried to replay a converteed movie in AVI it only pled the sound. There was some problem with the video portion. I also tried to convert a video in movie format to MP4 and after 12 seconds of a 1:20 miute move, it stoped. Can anyone help me with either of these problems? Tina
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