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  1. On Windows 7, if I set the Playback sample rate to 48kHz, and then use the Tone Generator to play back a sine wave, I can hear an artifact which sounds like aliasing. If I set the playback rate to 44.1kHz, the tone sounds very pure. I am testing with low frequencies (say, 50Hz). I first noticed this problem in YouTube, and I have crossposted in a few places, including the Windows Pro Audio Developer forum: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en/windowspro-audiodevelopment/thread/725546ce-57bf-40d0-b7aa-47e51de9c3ae System: Toshiba NB300 netbook Windows 7 Starter Edition Are you using the old "WaveOut" API, by any chance? Regards, Greg.
  2. I'm finding that echo cancellation is not working very well at all. I am using a Compaq/HP nw8000 laptop, with it's inbuilt microphone and speakers. Some other softphones don't work well either, however, some do work well. The ones that I have found that do work well so far are: SJ Phone, AdoreSoftphone, and Skype. Are there any tweaks which might improve things? Greg.
  3. Express Talk is working with some providers, but not one particular one - iiNet's. I have the iiNet SIP service working successfully with both my Belkin 4-port router, and the X-Lite softphone. Express Talk appears to fail to register with the iiNet SIP server, displaying the error message "404 Not found". Anyone have any ideas? Does anyone actually have Express Talk working with iiNet's VoIP service? Greg.
  4. Actually I think this problem only occurs the first time after Express Talk restarts itself, which happens automatically after changing a setting. If I exit out of Express Talk completely and then invoke it again, I think it always works, even the first time. Version: 1.04 Greg.
  5. Sometimes, once a call has been established (answered), I can't hear anything at all. This is for outbound calls from Express Talk to a PSTN. (haven't tried calling another PC yet). I am using the BBPGlobal service. (SIP server) Anyway, I'll hang up, dial again, and all is well. Now, I seem to recall having exactly this problem with another service - Freshtel using their own softphone, Firefly. Again, this was intermittent - it would usually work. Just in case it's relevant, I'm using an AC97 soundcard on my motherboard. Express Talk usually works well. In fact, it's great! I love the big red Record button - this is the first softphone I've found with this feature. I never have the above problem with Skype. Anyone have any idea what could cause the problem? Cheers, Greg.
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