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  1. I sure am. When u press the little arrow and the number the 1st time you are the one that is connected to the extention, so for example I can speak with the person and tell him that I am about to transfer somebody to him, while at the same time the other guy is on hold. After pressing the transfer button again I am actually transfering him to the extention I dialed. I know this because I have seen it working, I just can't figure the settings out by myself
  2. It is really fascinating how this company doesn't give a shit about support
  3. Hi, I am experiencing some issues while trying to transfer calls. Here is what's going on in my case. I have AXON installed on a computer 1. Express Talk on the same computer. I have 2 more computers on the same network, both using express talk and connected as extension numbers to the AXON. I also have a remote computer from another country connected as well but lets leave this for now. I have the ports forwarded on my router, I have all the Soft phones working (I am receiving calls on them from landlines and can pick up the call on any, no problems). The trouble is when trying to transfer the calls. There are 2 cases: When calling internally from a computer on the network to another computer (dialing the 102 extension let's say) I can pick up the call and talk with the computer that dialed me. I can press the transfer button to call the 3rd computer and speak with the person on it too, but when I finally press the transfer button once again to actually transfer the call that came through me to the next computer, the call is disconnected and the computer I am transferring receives a call on the next line from the computer I tried to transfer it to. Pretty weird, but I could live with that. The real problem is that when receiving a call from landline and trying to pass it on to another computer it just disconnects the call. It works exactly as with the case above, I can put the call on hold, speak with the person on the next computer, but when I press the transfer button a second time it just disconnects them both. I have tried different combinations (picking up the call from a different computer and transfering to a different one - same result) I am using this system for just picking up calls and transferring internally on the network. I am not using any dial out plans. If anyone feels he's had the same problem, please reply and I can provide you with all the information you need to help me out.
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