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  1. I'm running a pretty beefy PC and Eyeline pegs the CPU with two threads, one (system) at 80 +/- % and the other (user) 20 +/- % (Nets to 100%). Seems to cause lag on images and definately on motion detection/web access. I have tried about all combos of deactivating/limiting image quality/shutting off functions. I've also deacitvated all unnecessary other processes (XP Pro) and without Eyeline running this box is asleep (1% utilization). Memory is fine. Network utilization is low and nothing unusual seen with my sniffer. Anyone have a fix/ideas? Also, if you run in motion detect mode, the image sometimes hangs on the motion shot (several minutes later) and or never reupdates dispite the clock spinnin away happily. (Here again I played with the settings.) Software concept is good and price is right, but I'm not sure I trust it to capture what I need from a security perspective yet.
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