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  1. It's not just Vista, I have windows XP home edition and crashes also, not to mention i havent been able to get rid of the female voice recording saying i need to purchase the damn software which i have full version 1.34. What upsets me the most is the lousy customer service, wait let me correct myself THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! HOW CAN WE GET OUR MONEY BACK. Ive even tried to purchase the technical support and it asks me to also purchase the software again and not stupid to do that again. I'll be sure not to recomend this software to anyone
  2. I purchased the full version of Soundtap and activated it and registered it with no errors. But when i record it still plays back the femail voice every 10 seconds saying that i need to purchase it. When i go to the support website this topic is listed but the answer is to go click on Buy Online!!!!!!! HELLOO i already purchased the full version of software version Soundtap v1.34 i try to go buy the silver email tech support and it doesnt give me the option to only buy the damn support it asks me to put a qty 1 by the Soundtap box which will charge me again for the damn software!!! What a ripoff im starting to think this is a scam. If i dont get any help soon will just send complaint to better business bureau Is anyone else as frustrated as i am with this software??? please help
  3. Did someone reply to this question?? I am having same issue I paid for Full version and it keeps the recorder female voice saying to purchase it which i have.
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