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    I've downloaded Broadwave, after a bit of tinkering with my router (Netgear DG834GT) I've managed to get things set up to the point where I can activate a link on my webpage which will activate a test recording when clicked, but this only works from my computer as I've asked a few friends to try activating it form their computers but they get a message saying page not available. I'm figuring this problem is something to do with either a port forwarding or a server issue (maybe both). Ideally i want to be able to run a live show at a set time each week then make the recording of that show available for listening later on. At the moment I'm attemping to run this system from a personal home computer, so if any one can advise me how i can make my 'station' accessible to the general public (or if this is possible) I'd be very grateful Many Thanks
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