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  1. again, many thanks for your answers I have made a little research, and there is a problem using this linksys gateway here in Israel (regulation issues). However, I found that an Israeli company named AudioCodes makes voip hardware solutions. What do you say about that one (module MP-114): http://www.audiocodes.com/objects/30010_DS...,%20MP-124D.pdf Will it work for me with NCH softwares? Thanks, Doron
  2. When I read about the product (Sipura 3102) I can see that it somehow related to the USA PSTN lines. Will it work in other countries then the USA? such as Israel (where I'm located). As for the modem: I have tried working with a normal TAPI modem, but the sound quality was awful (I used a ZOOM modem). I prefer to spend more, but to get a better product.
  3. hmm... now I understand the problem. This router is for normal phone and not for PSTN lines. What I need is actually a way to connect my PSTN line to the VOIP software such as Axon and then to use IVM to answer the calls. Apparently this router is not good for that case, or maybe I have a misunderstanding? If not, what hardware do I need to use in-order to connect my PSTN line to Axon and from there to the IVM? Many thanks, Doron
  4. OK, great now it connects to Axon. Now I have different problem. The router is answering the call and immediately hangs up Can you help me with that also? Many many thanks, Doron
  5. wow, many thanks for you detailed answer I'm going to try it right now. Will inform you soon. I'm relieved for that I can use this router (cause I already bought it ) Thanks, Doron
  6. Hello all, I recently purchased a D-Link 1402S voip router to connect my regular phone lines into a voip solution that I want to make for a small office. I'm very interested in purchasing NCH software to make a voip solution in our office, including an IVR system, etc'. I have installed the trial version of Axon (and also the other products), in order to check if this solution works. I can't figure out if I can connect my d-link voip router to Axon, so I will be able to "forward" my phone lines to the voip system. this is the product page of d-link router: http://www.dlink.com/products/?pid=361 Can you please help me? Many thanks, Doron
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