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  1. Thank you, Jesse and A.N. for the info. Will check out each one; however, hoping to speed up the process and not have to play out DVDs in real time as some of these conferences to be transcribed are 3-4 hours long!!!! dtb in Toronto
  2. Thanks for your reply... that's what I feared. Is there a free software that does this -- like Express Rip? TIA, dtb
  3. If you haven't already done so, check that under Settings/Files in Express Scribe that you have checked off "msv". If you have an older version of Express Scribe you do not see the Files tab available in the newer versions.
  4. Is there a free software that would enable the transfer of audio from a DVD (video conference I have to transcribe) to Express Scribe? The DVD plays well on my computer; however, ES when browsing to the DVD drive does not recognize any audio files. TIA dtb in Toronto
  5. Is it possible to load the audio tracks from a DVD (conference video) into Express Scribe v.4.02 in order to transcribe? When I hit "browse" button -- ES navigates to folder on DVD; however, folder does not open. When I play the DVD on my computer in Windows media -- there is clearly video accompanied by sound, but ES cannot seem to recognize any audio files. TIA, dtb
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