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  1. Sorry to ask this here, but I've just spent 22 minutes chasing my tail around the faqs and support options. I've purchased Prism, Express Rip, and Express Dictate some months ago. However, although I made backup copies of all my registration details for each product, a recent catastrophic multi-drive RAID failure has resulted in the loss of everything, including all my registration keys, login details, and more. Since the only way to ask a support question is to either purchase support (which I don't think I should need to do), or to provide the serial number of the registered prod
  2. I've now tried doing the same thing but from the other end, and it seems to be working OK. What I was doing was on my X64 box, I ran Switch and selected the locally available (i.e. non-networked) music source files, and transcoded them to the remote system's filesystem via it's shared folder. I'm not sure what bits were not working correctly, but I just couldn't get more than a couple of hundred files converted without errors. What I've done now, is on the remote x32 box, I'm using Switch to grab the same source files off the server's share, and convert them to the same folder that the
  3. I'm using Switch 2.01 to perform a folder/path conversion of around 12,000 valid PCM wave files (44.1k/16/2) to (any) format. What happens is when I begin the conversion, switch prompts for the root path (in this case, since I added all the files and folders recursively under D:\My Music\) which is D:\My Music (if I add the trailing slash, or append any slash to the destination path, Switch bugs out and prepends a double backslash and fails immediately, so that's why I specify the source and destinations with no trailing slash character). With "Copy Folder Structure of Source Files" sw
  4. I'm running a Radeon X1600 (PCIe-x4, 256MB, it identifies as an ATI RV530XT internally) with WDM drivers to capture/monitor an analogue security camera on the ATI T200 input. I also use a DV deck for my business (video transfer/repair etc). Both these devices work perfectly with all other video software, but currently I use Eyecopia 2.0 on the ATI device exclusively, and I capture using various other software as appropriate over the Firewire port. Eyeline correctly identifies both video in devices (DV camera via OHCI Firewire, and the ATI device), so both show up in the dropdown box, but w
  5. Yeah, I forgot about the other command separator characters in filenames, only because I now always rename them when I'm ripping/copying. That's from bitter experience. That and UNICODE filenames. Same holds true for +,^`' and " too. The script also needs to be executed from in the root of the music folders, i.e. with all the artist folders (or album folders if you use album\artist paths), but it should have worked on almost any two-level tree structure. Maybe I missed another compatibility problem...
  6. I know what you mean... I've got a 2Tb RAID drive (video editing) and a 1.2Tb RAID drive (audio editing and music library), and between them there's less than 400G free. I gotta do some housecleaning sometime... When I used to be a computer guru, we had a saying : Data expands to fill all available space. We were only half-kidding, but it's absolutely true. Gone are the days when we'd say "Who the hell needs six hundred and forty K RAM? What a waste!"
  7. I'm listening! I've tried a lot of batch converters, but they all fall in a heap with high-res PCM (192k/24 or even 96/24) files, and not one of the ones I've tried (including FLAC) that work on XP x64, can handle unicode names, RIFF tags, BWF, BEXT, or CART chunk data. So I'm always interested.
  8. You're completely welcome. Glad I could help. Yeah, it looks like the developers have done that by design - it would be so easy for a tiny slip to delete the source files even if the conversion didn't happen the way you wanted. I think of it as a command-line airbag. Not sure what you mean by searching in XP... but I agree it's primitive. I use a tool called 4NT from JPSoft. It's a DOS/CMD replacement, and it's just the most powerful and flexible tool around, if you have to work with command lines. You can search for files with different extensions or date ranges and delete them if the
  9. ElastomerGuy, please try the following batch file and see how you go with it. There are a couple of things you need to be aware of before trying this batch file. First, it will ONLY run in a command shell in Windows XP (Home, Professional, or x64 edition). If you're running Windows 98 or earlier, this won't work. I'm not sure about windows 2000, or NT, or Me. Second, it depends on two things: 1) there are no tildes (~) in any of your folder names, and 2) Your music folder structure is always <whatever music root folder>\Artist\Album\files.mp3 It's not really important
  10. That would be really great, especially since my "fix" doesn't actually work as expected on standard DOS/CMD prompts. D'oh. I apologise for setting up an incorrect answer... This is a major limitation of the command prompt, and I'm trying to find a good workaround... I can get it to work fine in 4NT, and with some tricks, in Windows XP's command shell, but doing the same thing in all standard command prompts is really hard without programming to help! Stay tuned.
  11. You can use the XCOPY command to "pre-create" the same folder structure. Try: XCOPY H:\Music\ H:\MP3\ /T /E Be sure to append the \'s to the paths, and you'll have to put the source and destination paths in quotes if they contain spaces. You could add this line to the NCH.BAT to automagically do the same thing every time you run it, but it's pretty time-consuming, and you'd normally only do it once, then use Explorer to rename or move the new folder structure much more simply! Hope this helps! PC Pete
  12. ElastomerGuy, change the batch file slightly so it looks like: It doesn't do all the fancy "this is the input folder" "this is the output folder", but that's why it wasn't working as expected (and why it wouldn't work if you weren't in the topmost music folder). This batch file should work in most Windows-type DOS prompts, including CMD.EXE, 4DOS/4NT/Take Command, and probably Windows Powershell. I haven't figured out all the different command line options for Switch (I've never used it before, so I'm learning fast!). So at the moment, the script prompts for each new folder, a
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