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  1. Thanks for your reply. But it didn't solve the problem. In all applications including other recording programs I hear what is being played/recorded, but this does not work when I'm using one of these products. I am using a Thinkpad (laptop) and there are the built in speakers/mic as well as some externals usb speaker/mic, and also the cassette deck that is attached via a usb as well.
  2. I am very new to NCH/Recordpad and have a few starter questions, hoping someone here can help me. I am using it to record Cassettes, using the ION Tape 2PC device. 1. It seems to be recording ok, but I can't hear what is being record as its recording. How can I fix this? 2. Is there away to have it stop recording when the Cassette comes to an end, or if there is a long silance?
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