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  1. I upgraded to newest Express Scribe and now the files will not load automatically from one of the servers. the settings did not change and when i do the test settings, everything is green and it sees the files, however, they will not download automatically. Another server site I have downloads fine. I also had this problem with another computer that was running Vista, but I am running XP on this one and only upgraded to the newest 4.35. So, I decided to downgrade and downloaded as far back as 4.3 and they still won't download automatically. These are dct files so it shouldn't be an issue? Any suggestions? I have all the parameters correctly inputted and like I said did the test and it tests fine, but they just sit on the FTP server and will not download.
  2. i am using an old version (4.3) and would love to upgrade but with 15 licenses with my dial dictate and to upgrade all of these would be very expensive. After putting out the money for Dial Dictate, I don't feel because there was an upgrade there should be a fee. When I bought Dial Dictate, I thought all future upgrades would be included. If I have to pay an upgrade fee, because of the program's shortcomings, if i am going to upgrade with a fee, I might opt to use a different program.
  3. I have been using express dictate for over 2 years. I have purchased Dial Dictate and send those files via express delegate, but i have some users who use a digital recorder. when I upload the files from the digital recorder to the computer and then load them from the folder on my computer and send to transcriptionist, the file numbers chronologically are correct. Those are the numbers that were downloaded from the recorder. However, if you listen to the files, they are exact duplicates of different file numbers that were sent over a week ago, but those files had a different voice file number. Luckily, the software (philips) automatically backs up the digital files i uploaded to the computer or else these files would be overwritten somehow. Has anyone had this problem. I have 3 other users with no such issue. It is like when i am loading them into express dictate from the folder that the number file is replaced with an older one already sent. Very frustrating.
  4. are you using the same version and us. I do not believe there is a version 4.05? at least not according to the home page, says new version 4.4 out. Every computer I try to load DSS files on cause the program to crash.
  5. I was looking forward to the new version, unfortunately, it seems to have some bugs related to playing DSS files. While I could do this with no problem with the old version (4.3), now every time I try to load them the program crashes. I have to convert them with the Philips 9350 software first rather than just load them like I did before. No, they are not recorded on LP, everything is the same as it was, and I downloaded the DSS converter. I have tried this on two computers and it crashes every time and, in fact, even when I try to restart Express Scribe after doing this, it crashes. I somehow have to delete the file it tried to load before it will stop crashing. It is very frustrating. It doesn't make sense either because it worked fine before. I luckily was able to find Express Scribe 4.1 on Download.com and now no problem at all. ??? Hopefully this can be fixed because I like the idea of being able to speed up or slow down with better quality. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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