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  1. I figured I could use Carousel as a virtual FXO adapter. But the voice modem I have does not work for some reason. It does work with IVM answering attendant
  2. Thank you but I have two concerns "Instead of using the modem options, I suggest using an FXO adapter such as the Linksys (Sipura) 3102 FXO adapter. This product is essentially an adapter that converts a traditional landline into a VoIP phone line. " Will that still allow my traditional phones to work without any noticable change? And instead of having to go buy additional hardware couldnt software perform the same function?
  3. I am looking for a program (Or series of programs) with the following functions Voicemail System: A Voicemail system that will route a voicemail to the designated recipient’s computer. Caller ID System: Caller ID system that will alert all computers of an incoming call and its information. Virtual Phone System: Phone system that will allow a user to use the modem on anothercomputer to both make and receive phone calls. (Using a headset or speakers/mic setup) The general idea is to have one computer with the modem connected to my landline serve other computers with a client prog
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