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  1. Mr. Barrow's Wave Pad work around worked for me also. With Wave Pad, I simply opened my mp3 file that WMP11 would not play, jumped to the end and saved the file as an mp3 again overwriting the non-playable mp3. I then added it back to Windows Media Player 11 and it played perfectly. I had a slight problem when I moved the overwritten mp3 file back to WMP11 though in that I lost all but the first letters of the title, artist and album information. I had to re-add the information using the WMP11 advanced tag editor (which I do all the time anyhow) and then close WMP11 and re-open. All the info c
  2. I'm having the same issue. I'll try your work around and see if it works for me also then let the forum know the results. Thanks
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