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  1. Reassured to find I had made a programming error and my program was trying to set the output directory to the non-existent directory "dest$" instead of the string which was the contents of dest$ ("C:\[whatever]"). Hence no files found to play, though haven't yet got straight how the files were getting output to the right directory, despite the error re dest$. I am now managing to access the recorded files with recordpad -play by hard-coding in the destination directory instead of using a variable. Not ideal. May be able to revert back to using a variable with a bit of thought, now I'm reassured that recordpad -play can work. Problem seems to have been with my program rather than with Recordpad. Documentation didn't make it entirely clear to me - though I may have been inattentive - whether, in building a string to be sent to a command line, I needed to engineer enclosing filenames within quotes (chr$(34) + filename$ + chr$(34)). I think the current conclusion is that I don't, though I need to gain much more experience with recordpad to become proficient in using it.
  2. Using recordpad from my Liberty Basic program under Win98. Pleased to find a product which does what I was looking for. Frustrated that programming languages often cater for playing sounds - popular for games - but not recording them. Anyway, minor frustration: I've successfully told recordpad where to put the files it records but it doesn't look in that folder when it looks for files to play. I think the temporary solution will be to make the destination of the recordings the folder where recordpad looks for files to play. However, I'd have thought -play ought to take notice of -outdir. Could be a genuine problem with the software or it could be me making a mistake or misunderstanding something. Documentation is a little sparse. Took some trial and error to find that recordpad -recordfile doesn't want to take things like -hide as parameters. In a recordpad -recordfile line, I couldn't find a valid position for some other parameters where they were not interpreted as a file name. Found had to select the options in separate commands e.g. recordpad -hide. Forum is disappointingly not hugely active, so wonder if I'll get any help/comments.
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