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  1. I like most of NCH's software and have recommended it to several of my colleagues the past few years, especially AXON, VRS, IVM, and Eyeline. Recently, I've upgraded my own surveillance system and added a 4-port DV card (from Avermedia) and installed all the drivers and firmware updates. Eyeline recognized the CCD camera I installed on one of the ports (the 1st of 4). But as I add more cameras (via BNC port), Eyeline still just recognizes just 1 cam (ergo 1 cam per card?!). Is this really just the case or do you have a workaround driver or patch of some sort to recognize a 4-port DV and designate each port as a separate cam? Hi NCH guys, I'd be glad to help you code updates into Eyeline if you need any assistance on this. Johanne Lim IT consultant Philippines
  2. this is a clearer version of the same problem below
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