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  1. It would be great if Switch could add converting DCR audio files to you the list of files that can be converted to WAV format. I'm a legal transcriptionist and really prefer using The Record Player, but I need something that can convert the DCR files. Switch works for the other audio I need to convert, but not the DCR files. Or does anyone know of a program that does do the conversions? Thanks - Diane
  2. I just purchased Switch Plus to convert some DSS files I need for the work I do. I have added them to the Switch panel to convert, highlighted them and clicked on convert. I don't see anything happening. It puts an X next to the file and then just sort of sits there. How can you tell if the file is converting? And if it's not converting, is there something else I need to do? I need this information ASAP as I have a job I need to get finished with this weekend. Please email me at GalDiane1003@aol.com Thanks - Diane
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