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  1. I have filed several reports after the crashes, I included the log file from the Apple crash report with the most recent. My next plan is to uninstall the Izotope products that have put third-party components into /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components and see if that fixes the issue. -0- @borate Is there an email address I can use for this? -0- I have an update. If I remove all the 3rd party AU plugins WavePad then there are no problems. On doing more work I have found that the issue is RX Elements 10, there is no issue with RX Elements 7 which is the other version I have. BUT...... RX Elements 7 and Ozone 9 AUs start up but they don't seem to get the feed from WavePad as nothing appears in the plugin window or any audible difference to the sound when I listen to it - no levels change if I play with the gain settings on the plugins.
  2. Neither version works, I can provide text files of the Apple crash reports if that helps.
  3. Submitted the report when the app crashed (twice)
  4. I have a Mac running the latest versions of MacOS and WavePad and everytime I try to access Audio Units the program crashes. Anyone any ideas how to fix this or do we have to wait for NCH to get around to reading the error reports?
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