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  1. I got the inbound calling working. It was an issue with my trunks with my service provider and some settings I had to play around with, with the inbound caller ID. However... I need to get my outbound calling issue resolved, ASAP. It's nearly impossible to call someone and have my calls drop out after 8-9 seconds of speaking with a customer. They will thing that we are rude and unprofessional. You get my point? Please help me with this last issue, ASAP! Regards, Larry Braziel Jr. Whitewater IT New Port Richey, FL
  2. Hello, My first issue is that the outgoing calling seems to work just fine, except for 1 issue. After the call connects, you only have 8-9 seconds to talk and then the call is dead, here is an example of the SIPTrace that I did from Axon. ---------------------------------------------------------------- 04:21:34 Rtp Relay >>> (172 bytes) 04:21:34 Rtp Relay >>> (172 bytes) 04:21:34 Rtp Relay >>> (172 bytes) 04:21:34 Rtp Relay
  3. Hello, I have setup the PBX System along with the IVR/IVM and I have gotten my calls to connect for outbound and inbound calling. However when the call connects I have NO AUDIO from either side. I have the following ports open to the following computers on my router: Phone Server = Computer which is running PBX and IVM. My PC = My Laptop Computer connected wirelessly through my router. Port - Computer --- 81 - Phone Server 82 - Phone Server 4463-60000 - Phone Server 5072-5080 - My PC 9000-9020 - My PC 6600 - My PC 4569 - Phone Server 5004-5082 - Phone Server 10000-10
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