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  1. I've been using my registered edition of WavePad v2.10 since 2008. This week it started playing everything at about 1.5x normal speed. Uninstalling and reinstalling seemed to fix the problem.
  2. Also, you must select the "Burn Session at Once..." option on the "Burn Audio CD" screen that pops up when you press the big "Burn Audio CD" button in the lower right-hand corner of the main screen. Also, your burner must support the CD-TEXT feature. Some older burners did not.
  3. I've been testing the "free download" version of Express Burn v4.40 (for Win2K). No matter where I set the "Burn Speed" adjustment, the burner runs at 52x speed, although it seems to make good copies at top speed. Can it be adjusted to 4x? Is this a feature reserved for the PRO version?
  4. After adding files, click on the CD-TEXT button (in the row with the ADD FILES button) Make sure the "Enable CD-TEXT" box is checked at the top of the new screen that opens. Do you see anything in the "Track Details" section of the screen?
  5. jerry4dos


    Hi Guest: The "highest" number I see as an option on my version is: "48,000 16Bit Stereo 187kb/sec" Jerry
  6. jerry4dos

    Wavepad crashes

    Hi Charlie: I can't speak directly to any issue of WAVEPAD running on WinXP, having only run it on Win2K and Win95 myself, but I will suggest that you make sure you didn't get a corrupted download. The downloaded SIZE of both the FREE EDITION and the TRIAL MASTERS EDITION should be 455,864 bytes. Before re-installing a newly downloaded version, un-install the old version. Also, if you use any "anonymizing" proxy server-type hardware or service, maybe you might want to try your download without going through it. I've known of cases where that's caused download corruptions. Jerry
  7. Hi Brad: What does "192K file" mean? A 192K "WAV" file should play for about 10 seconds. I have some two hour WAV recordings that are about 1GB, and my two hour MP3 files are about 115M. Exactly what did you start with? Jerry
  8. Hi M: Whether you even have a "line in" will depend on your computer and its sound card. Right-click on the little yellow SPEAKER icon in the SYSTEM TRAY, and select OPEN VOLUME CONTROLS. Now, click on OPTIONS, then PROPERTIES. In the box labeled "Adjust Volume for" click on RECORDING. Under that, there is a list called "Show the following volume controls." Put a check in every box. Be sure to scroll down -- not all the choices may be showing. Click OK. The little window will close, and VOLUME CONTROL panel change to a RECORDING CONTROL panel. If you sound card supports a LINE IN, there will be a fader for it here. Put a check in the SELECT box under it. The exact labeling of each of these panels will vary depending on which version of Windows you have. I have described the labeling for Win2K, but yours may be different. (For example, in Win95, the VOLUME CONTROL panel is called MASTER OUT, and the RECORDING CONTROL panel is called WAVE INPUT. These two panels have confused Windows users since the beginning. Bill Gates keeps changing the labels trying to make their usage more clear. Once you get the RECORDING CONTROL panel open, you can open another instance of the VOLUME CONTROL panel by right-clicking on the yellow speaker icon again, and you can have both panels open at the same time.) For even more detailed info, here's the best description of these panels I have found: http://nch.com.au/kb/10010.html Jerry
  9. jerry4dos

    Noise Reduction

    Hi M: I had this same problem. The built-in microphone picks up all the mechanical noise of the hard drive and blowers. It may be fine for a little impromptu dictation, but not much good for anything else. I picked up a cheap ($12) plug-in microphone at Radio Shack and it may a world of difference. Jerry
  10. jerry4dos

    mp3 format

    Hi Rebel: See if this helps: http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=1426&hl= Jerry
  11. Hi Pioneer: While this has never happened to me, I did see this thread in another forum. Maybe it'll help: http://audacityteam.org/forum/forum.php?req=thread&id=165 Jerry
  12. Hi jmc: Is this happening while you are RECORDING, or is this happening to an EXISTING file you've opened for editing? Jerry
  13. Hi j1892: On the RECORD CONTROL PANEL (which opens after you click on the red "record" button), what shows in the "device" and "input" fields in the "Recording" section of the window (the upper right corner)? Jerry
  14. Hi Nick: This thread should help you with question #2: http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=1426&hl= I haven't messed with "silences" or "iTunes" -- so I can't help with #1 or #3. Sorry. Jerry
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