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%nextogm% don't working

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i am using ivm 4.08 for testing before buying. i have 27 OGM is there a limit ?


because i have system prompt goodby when %nextogm% is returned.

take a look :

00:11:53 Answered line [1000 "Simulator Line"] call number [28] cid [5555555555] did[simulator] drn[0 (0ms)]

00:11:53 Run plugin: C:\ivm\ineturl.exe http://novatecweb.com/payboxprod1.php?nocc...=&nfacture=

00:11:53 Play file: C:\Program Files\eChanblard\Incoming\10 - Chien en mwen.mp3

00:12:00 Plugin returned: NUMTRANS=0000000000&NUMAPPEL=0000000000&NUMQUESTION=0000000000&SITE=1999888&RANG=99&AUTORISATION=&CODEREPONSE=00014&COMMENTAIRE=Mandatory+values+missing+keyword:9+Type:2&PAYS=

00:12:00 Run plugin: C:\ivm\ineturl.exe

00:12:00 Plugin returned: nextogm=r11



00:12:00 Plugin returned so skip to end

00:12:00 Command - Go

00:12:00 Open OGM: r11



00:12:00 Play system prompt: GoodBye

00:12:03 Call disconnected


i have audio on that ogm r11


could i have an answer ? or i became unwanted here ???

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I'm unable to determine why there is a problem. As far as I can see IVM receives the command to go to the r11 OGM and then it performs as expected by using "Command - Go" to go to OGM r11. Unfortunately it disconnects right away which is a bit strange.


Here are a few questions to help solve the problem:

- What action is the r11 set to take when the OGM times out (i.e. "Then:")?

- When you preview the Audio in the OGM by pressing "Play Message", does it play?

- What happens if you change the audio (e.g. to text to speech) and try again?

- If repeat is set to 0, try setting it to 10 and see if it changes anything.


Lastly, the number of OGMs you can have is limited by your license:

- Small Business License - 3 OGMs

- Small Interactive System - 70 OGMs

- Professional License - 70 OGMs

- Enterprise License - Unlimited

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On 5/22/2008 at 10:19 PM, kraken972 said:

Well, i found the problem !

ineturl have a bug... as you can see after "plugin return nextogm=r11" and "00:12:00 Plugin returned so skip to end" there is a lot of space... probleme solved when i have modified the php script...


thanks a lot

I have the same problem!

How did you fix it?

I'm writing my script with python, and for testing purposes i'm just coding:      print('NextOGM=test)         and getting the same issue as you...

how did you solve it?

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