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  1. I'm using the internal interface and have the problem there, however I tried setting it from the web as well but didn't help...
  2. I Tried both already, and nothing worked, (I mainly use the internal interface its much easier to get around)
  3. I have the same issue, did you solved it? How?
  4. I have the same problem, Anybody got a way to resolve it since then?
  5. Hi, I'm writing a plugin to be run from an OGM and that should return a value of a variable which opens an OGM depends on the variable value. I'll explain: I have a OGM which in settings "then go to OGM" is set to %NextOGM% and the plugin returns 'NextOGM=test' so IVM should open 'OGM test' when %NextOGM% needs to be opened... It works fine as I see in the logs, meaning it gets a command to open 'OGM test' but some how it does not follow this command and instead it just saying goodbye and hangs up. here's the logs: 12:30:06 Caller pressed key [7] 12:30:
  6. I have the same problem! How did you fix it? I'm writing my script with python, and for testing purposes i'm just coding: print('NextOGM=test) and getting the same issue as you... how did you solve it?
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